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2009 Jacobson Award Winner - Jess R. Young, MD

Jess R. Young, MD (pictured center), was honored with the prestigious 2009 Julius H. Jacobson II, MD, Award for Physician Excellence at the VDF Annual Awards dinner on September 16, 2009. It was especially wonderful to have Dr. Jacobson (pictured far right) present this year's award along with VDF president, Anton Sidawy, MD (pictured left).

Dr. Young is one of the pioneers of vascular medicine and a premier educator in the field, training an entire generation of vascular medicine fellows. Dr. Young was pivotal in establishing the vascular diagnostic laboratory at the Cleveland Clinic, where he practiced vascular medicine for over 40 years. Perhaps one of the greatest visions by Dr. Young was the establishment of the first multi-specialty vascular intervention programs in the United States in the early 1990s which required developing key working relationships within the departments of Cardiology, Vascular Surgery and Radiology to help advance this new field.

Dr. Young served as primary editor for the first edition of "A Textbook of Peripheral Vascular Disease," which remains one of the finest clinical textbooks of its kind. He has over 100 publications showing his depth of contribution to the field.

Dr. Young was an outstanding educator in the field of vascular medicine. He was voted Cleveland Clinic Teacher of the Year on two separate occasions. Dr. Young influenced an entire generation of vascular medicine fellows, many of whom now direct major vascular medicine programs in the United States, and he has had a major impact on treatment of patients across the country.