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Jacobson Award Winner - William R. Hiatt, MD

Dr. William R. Hiatt, Novartis Foundation Professor for Cardiovascular Research and Chief of the Section of Vascular Medicine in the Department of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver, and President of the Colorado Prevention Center has been awarded the 2008 Julius H. Jacobson II Award for Physician Excellence by the Vascular Disease Foundation.

Dr. Hiatt’s esteem in the field of Vascular Disease is highlighted by numerous leadership and prestigious positions and an impressive record of clinical research. He is vice chair of the American Heart Association Atherosclerotic Peripheral Vascular Disease Interdisciplinary Working Group and a past-president of the Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology. Dr Hiatt chaired the FDA Cardiovascular and Renal Advisory Committee (2003-08). He is an associate editor for the journal, Vascular Medicine, the Cochrane Review Group on “Peripheral Vascular Disease,” and a guest editor for Circulation and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

His research has focused on the epidemiology, pathophysiology and treatment of peripheral artery disease. Dr. Hiatt is a national and international leader as a clinical trialist, investigating novel therapies for claudication and critical leg ischemia and he has over 140 peer-reviewed publications. 

“It is an honor to present the Jacobson award to Dr. Hiatt, whose leadership has had a profound influence in the field of Vascular Medicine, and whose seminal contributions have enhanced our understanding of the pathophysiology and management of peripheral artery disease,” said Dr. Mark Creager, President of the VDF Board of Directors.