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Professionals : Awards

Excellence in Care Award Winner - Alain Drooz, MD

Congratulations to Dr. Alain Drooz of Fairfax Radiological Consultants, Vascular & Interventional Associates in Fairfax, VA, winner of VDF’s Excellence in Care Aware. Dr. Drooz was nominated by the Hale and White families for caring for Maggie and Wanda Hale. Maggie sent in this nomination in regards to care received by her mother Maggie: “Dr. Drooz was highly professional, proficient, and informative. He faced numerous difficulties during my mother’s procedures. While his surgical intervention capabilities were unquestionable, what distinguished him most was his truly caring and compassionate nature as a physician, an absolute credit to the entire medical profession. During my mother’s last illness, which resulted in her death, he gave strength to our entire family. My mother thought he was the “best” doctor she had ever had–and she had a number of doctors during her 80 years. He was always there for us and our mom, over holidays, weekends, and late at night; he is everything a doctor should be – dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, talented, and proficient. For all these reasons, we nominate him for the Excellence in Care Award.”

Submitted by Wanda Hale, Michael White, Sterling and Mika Hale