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VDF's History

The Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) was founded in 1998 by Dennis Newman, a pioneer in ultrasound technology. Dennis built a successful company producing Doppler devices for detecting, among other medical issues, vascular disease. Dennis knew that the public and most medical professionals were unaware of many diagnostic and treatment options for vascular disease. This lack of knowledge really hit home when his cousin lost a leg to vascular disease. Dennis did what anyone would do to help a family member; he began to contact his network of medical professionals in search of information about vascular disease. It didn’t take long for him realize that few resources were available for people suffering from this often silent and most certainly debilitating disease. So, Dennis did what few are able to do, he formed the Vascular Disease Foundation. Today, Dennis serves VDF as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In our short history, we have connected with many prominent vascular medicine societies and we regularly attend their annual meetings as well as include their representatives on our Board of Directors (since 2000).

Here’s a brief timeline of some of our major milestones:

Since its inception in 1998, the Vascular Disease Foundation has shown steady growth in its ability to reach out to the general public and medical professionals alike and continues to provide timely and accurate information about vascular disease. We remain your most trusted source for information on vascular disease.