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For Immediate Release — June 8, 2006

Respected Vascular Surgeon, Educator Robert Rutherford Receives Vascular Disease Foundation's Jacobson Award

Denver, CO – Robert B. Rutherford, M.D., FACS, FRCS, Emeritus Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, received the second annual Julius H. Jacobson II M.D. Award for Physician Excellence given by the
Vascular Disease Foundation.

The award is named for Julius H. Jacobson, II, M.D., considered to be the

preeminent pioneer in microsurgery. In early 2004, Dr. Jacobson seeded the
award via a gift to the Vascular Disease Foundation.
The award was presented to Dr. Rutherford by Dr. Alain Drooz, VDF
president and Dr. Peter Gloviczki, VDF past president, at the 2006 Vascular
Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

In addition to his work as an educator and editor, Dr. Rutherford is best
known for his efforts in developing uniform standards for reporting practices while
serving as chairman of the Committee on Reporting Standards of the Society for
Vascular Surgery and the American Association for Vascular Surgery
(SVS/AAVS). He has published more than 400 articles and book chapters and
six textbooks, including the well-known "Vascular Surgery 6 th ed." (W.B.
Saunders, 2005), in addition to editing the quarterly review, "Seminars in
Vascular Surgery" for almost two decades and co-editing the “Journal of Vascular
Surgery” from 1996-2003. In 1970, Dr. Rutherford came to the University of
Colorado School of Medicine where he was Professor of Surgery, and later Chair
of Vascular Surgery.

Dr. Rutherford has been president of four professional societies, notably
the Western Vascular Society and the American Association for Vascular
Surgery (formerly ISCVS). He has served as a director of the American Board of
Surgery and chaired its Vascular Surgery Committee. A former member of the
board of the Vascular Disease Foundation, Dr. Rutherford recently co-chaired the
Transatlantic Consensus on Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease (TASC) and in
2005, was the recipient of the first Lifetime Achievement Award given by the
Society of Vascular Surgery.

Candidates for the non-monetary Jacobson award were screened by a
committee of peers independent of Dr. Jacobson, who was informed of the
awardee after the fact. Criteria for nomination were:

•A candidate must be a licensed physician in good standing who has
made significant contributions that have advanced the science of clinical practice
for the prevention and treatment of vascular disease or who has made
exceptional contributions to vascular education programs, either to health
professionals or patients.

•A candidate must be a person of recognized personal and professional

•A candidate must not be a member of the Board of Directors of the
Vascular Disease Foundation.

About Julius Jacobson

Julius H. Jacobson II M.D. is considered to be the
preeminent pioneer in microsurgery. After earning a master’s degree in cell
physiology at the University of Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Johns
Hopkins School of Medicine and served his residency in general and thoracic
surgery at New York’s Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital. He then became director
of surgical research at the University of Vermont where his earlier experience
with microscopes led him to become the first surgeon to bring a microscope into
the operating room for the entire range of surgery beyond the eye and ear. Dr.
Jacobson’s work led to such advances as coronary artery surgery and limb re-implantation.
It is estimated that today, one-half of all neurosurgical operations
utilize microsurgical techniques. Dr. Jacobson also developed the first
microscope that allowed the surgeon and first assistant to view the operative field
simultaneously. This “dipliscope” is now in the collection of the Smithsonian
Institution. Dr. Jacobson and his wife, Joan, live in New York City.

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