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For Immediate Release — November 21, 2003

Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease is Important for People with Diabetes

Lakewood, CO - The Vascular Disease Foundation added its endorsement to the recommendations for treating PAD in the individual with diabetes in a Consensus Statement published by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in the December issue of Diabetes Care. Currently, there are no specific guidelines for care for physicians treating the patient with both diseases. PAD is a serious, vascular complication in people with diabetes that often goes undetected and under-treated. PAD has few symptoms, and affects one of three with diabetes over age 50 increasing the potential for disability and amputation. Plus, there is a higher risk of heart attack and stroke associated with PAD and diabetes than PAD alone. The Consensus Statement identified several differences in how PAD affects the arteries of people with diabetes compared to those with PAD alone.

The Consensus Statement is a result of a Consensus Development Conference organized by the ADA last spring. Vascular Disease Foundation Director, Dr. Judy Regensteiner, was a member of the Panel that developed the Consensus Statement. To see the entire report, go to our Web site ( for a link to the report. Or, call the ADA at 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383).

Key recommendations from the ADA Consensus Panel were:

For more information on PAD, go here.
To view the complete ADA Consensus Statement click here (PDF).  

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