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For Immediate Release — July 16, 2004

VDF Inaugurates National Advisory Board With Diomed Holdings As Founding Member

Lakewood, CO - The Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) announced today that Diomed Holdings, Inc. (Diomed) is the inaugural member of the Foundation's new corporate membership program and will sponsor a portion of the Foundation's Web site dedicated to venous disease. Diomed's President and Chief Executive Officer, James A. Wylie, Jr., will serve on behalf of the company on the Foundation's new National Advisory Board.

"We are delighted to announce that Diomed has made a significant commitment to the Vascular Disease Foundation's future," said Peter Gloviczki MD, President of VDF's board of directors.  "The goal of the Foundation's new National Advisory Board is to reduce the mortality and morbidity from vascular diseases. The Board is allied with the Foundation in the belief that patient quality of life and longevity can be improved through education and prevention, prompt diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and effective rehabilitation of arterial and venous disease.  The venous portion of our Web site will offer guidance to thousands of visitors each month with educational support from companies such as Diomed."

Commenting on the company's commitment, Diomed CEO James Wylie said that it is an honor to work with VDF in its endeavor to provide useful, timely, and accurate information to the public.  "VDF's mandate to inform the public about the array of vascular diseases is perfectly in line with Diomed's mandate to provide the latest in venous insufficiency treatment alternatives."

Wylie said that more than 25 million Americans are estimated to be affected by some sort of venous diseases and that Diomed is committed to providing solutions to this issue.

"Our membership in VDF's National Advisory Board, and our sponsorship of the Web site, is part of a broader Diomed initiative to help advance patient education while supporting worthy causes surrounding vascular disease," Wylie said.

About Diomed:

Diomed develops and commercializes minimally invasive medical procedures that use its proprietary laser technologies and disposable products. Diomed focuses on EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT®) for use in varicose vein treatments, photodynamic therapy (PDT) for use in cancer treatments, and dental and general surgical applications. The EVLT® procedure and the Company's related products were cleared by the United States FDA in January 2002.  Along with lasers and single-use procedure kits for EVLT®, the Company provides its customers with state-of-the-art physician training and practice development support.  Additional information is available on the Company's Web site, or

About the Vascular Disease Foundation:

The Vascular Disease Foundation is a nonprofit, public educational organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the prevention, diagnosis and management of vascular diseases.  Its outstanding board of directors includes physicians, nurses, vascular sonographers, rehabilitation professionals, and clinical researchers who have been on the forefront of fighting vascular diseases for many years.

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