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For Immediate Release — January 25, 2011


Nominations Wanted for Jacoboson Award for Physician Exellence

The Vascular Disease Foundation is seeking nominations for the 2011 Julius H. Jacobson II Award for Physician Excellence. The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 11.

The Julius H. Jacobson II MD Award for Physician Excellent is awarded annually by the Vascular Disease Foundation. This prestigious annual award recognizes outstanding contributions to physician education, leadership, or patient care in vascular disease. Dr. Jacobson is a pioneer in microsurgery and was the first physician to bring a microscope into the operating room. His work led to such advances as coronary artery surgery and limb reimplantation. Dr. Jacobson also developed the first microscope that allowed the surgeon and the first assistant to view the operative field simultaneously. This award is endowed through a donation from Dr. Jacobson.

Candidates for the Jacobson Award will be screened by a committee of peers independent of Dr. Jacobson. Nomination criteria are:

This year’s recipient was Jack L. Cronenwett, MD, Professor of Surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. He ran a Vascular Surgery fellowship for many years and was one of the first program directors to initiate an integrated vascular residency where residents are recruited to spend five years in vascular residency just after graduation from medical school. He also served as President of the Association of Program Directors in Vascular Surgery and was responsible for putting together the modern curriculum in the specialty. For more about Dr. Cronenwett, visit

For more information about the Jacobson Award or to download an application, please visit or call 888.VDF.4INFO.

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