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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I need to find a vascular specialist in my city. Do you have any names to share with me?

A. Some of our professional organization partners will let you search their database of qualified vascular specialists.
The Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology has information about its members at this link:
The Society of Interventional Radiology offers a service called "Doctor Finder" that can be found at this link: .
The Society for Vascular Surgery offers a service called "Find A Physician" that can be found at this link:

Q. Can you provide financial assistance to people suffering from Vascular Disease?

A. Our charter does not allow us to provide financial assistance to patients at this time.

Q. How do I become a member of the Vascular Disease Foundation?

A. We consider all of those who receive our quarterly newsletters and additional mailings to be “members.” To be added to our mailing list, click here to send us e-mail.

Q. Are VDF’s quarterly newsletters available electronically?

A. Yes!  You can not search them by disease information, but you can download each of our quarterly newsletter in pdf format by visiting the resources section of the site.