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Charles William Schubert

This fund was established in January 2006 by Charlie's children Lori, Brett, and Bart. Contributions have been received from:

Bart and Kristy Schubert, Brett and Kay Schubert, Barbara and Bob Trimble, Ann and John Trimble, M. Jane Schofield, N. L. and Lois Rundle, C. Diane Roe, Wallace G. and Marion G. Diehl, John and Joyce Johnson, Ema Jean Yanakeff, Mike and Michelle Kinney, Loretta Hardesty, Kurt and Sandy Huneke, Carol and Charles B. Town, Thomas and Jackie Quarto, Ron and Ruth Daugherty, Ray and Carol Hunt, Nancy and Fred Hawkins, Toni Harrison, Julie Gaughan, Tony and Donna Petro, Chuck and Marcia Bracken, The Royse Family, Ashley Scott, Fran Jacoby, Eleanor Greuling, and Phillip and Tink Morgan.


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