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Breno Pessanha, MD

Excellence in Care Award Recipient

Dr. Pessanha was nominated for VDF’s Excellence in Care Award by Al Watt of Peoria, Illinois, for his outstanding approach to patient care. In his nomination letter, Mr. Watt noted that Dr. Pessanha has a courteous, respectful, and friendly manner, which creates a trusting relationship between the patient and the doctor. Additionally, Mr. Watt finds Dr. Pessanha to be receptive to questions about a variety of medical issues, he treats his patients from a holistic perspective and not as a symptom or diagnosis, and he doesn’t make his patients feel that they need to rush through their appointment.

Dr. Pessanha is a noninvasive cardiologist with Methodist Medical Group Cardiology at the Methodist Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute in Peoria, Illinois. He is a graduate of Federal Fluminense University in Brazil and completed his residency in internal medicine at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Michael Reese Hospital, University of Illinois, and George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, DC. Additionally, Dr. Pessanha completed a fellowship in cardiology at George Washington University Medical Center and was a cardiovascular post-doctoral research fellow at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, a part of the National Institutes of Health, in Washington, DC.