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Donate : Excellence in Care

Tina W. Lengel, BS, RVT and the Vascular Institute of Georgia

Ms. Lengel was nominated in January 2007 for the Vascular Disease Foundation's Excellence in Care award. Conscious of her staff's contribution to her success in her field, she asked that the Vascular Disease Foundation include her staff in the honor.

Her nominator writes, "Tina and her dedicated staff have been an intricate part of the growth in vascular imaging in the Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the southeastern United States. Tina and her staff of seven registered vascular sonographers are very dedicated and are ambassadors for the field of vascular imaging. Tina has been a leader in the field and a resource for many vascular labs in the area. Together they have increased awareness and accuracy in testing by sharing their knowledge unselfishly with others in the field... She has one of the highest quality staffs in the area; all have the RVT credential."

Ms. Lengel holds her BS from the University of West Florida and has managed the three offices of the Vascular Institute of Georgia for over six years.


Left to Right : Jean-Pierre Joseph, RVT, Samantha Hembree, RVT, Sherry Whiting, RVT, Tina Lengel B.S., RVT, Mellissa Craft, RVT, Paul Kinsella, RVT, Lisle Pallin, RVT, and Michelle Wichman, RVT