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Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery

There are many types of highly successful procedures that can help improve circulation, increase walking distance, heal foot ulcers and prevent amputation. These are typically recommended after a thorough evaluation of the vascular lab results combined with the patient's age and health history. The primary care physician will refer the patient to a vascular surgeon or interventional radiologist. The advantages, risk of complications, and recovery time should be discussed in detail with all medical staff involved.

When vascular surgery or interventions are under consideration, a procedure called an arteriogram is normally performed. This helps the surgeon visually pinpoint the exact blockages in the arteries in the leg. An x-ray is obtained by injecting dye through a needle or small catheter inserted into an artery. Some patients experience a brief, hot, burning-like sensation when the dye is injected. An X-ray map of the arteries and sites of blockage is produced.

What's important to know about the field of Vascular Surgery?

Surgical therapy has been used to treat patients with PAD for many decades. Because of such extensive experience, vascular surgeons have learned a tremendous amount about the likelihood of success for individual operations, the durability of these procedures, and the type of individuals most likely to benefit from surgery. In addition, vascular surgeons fairly well understand the risks and consequences of these procedures.

Will vascular surgery cure my PAD?

It is important to understand that surgery does not cure the patient of PAD. Surgery merely provides more blood flow to the leg involved, but the PAD remains.

What types of operations for PAD are available?

Bypass grafting
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