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Segmental Pressure Measurements

Segmental pressure measurements are blood pressure measurements taken at multiple levels on the leg.

How is this test given?

It is similar to the ABI test, with the addition of two or three additional blood pressure cuffs. These additional cuffs are placed just below the knee and one large cuff or two narrow cuffs are placed above the knee and at the upper thigh. These cuffs are then inflated above your normal systolic blood pressure, and then slowly deflated.

Using the Doppler instrument, blood pressure measurements are taken. The blood pressure at each cuff location on your leg is noted in your physician's report. A significant drop in pressure between two adjacent cuffs indicates a narrowing of the artery or blockage along the arteries in this portion of your leg. This allows the vascular technologist and doctor to identify more precisely the location of such blockages in the arteries of your leg.

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