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PPG Exam

The Photoplethysmography (PPG) Exam

This system uses infrared light to assess blood flow near the surface of the skin.пїЅ It may be used to take a blood pressure in a toe, or used for waveform analysis. Instead of a sound signal, the PPG uses infrared light to produce a waveform. This may be used for people in whom the ankle arteries have become stiff and hard to compress due to calcification, as noted in the ABI section above (individuals with longstanding diabetes, kidney disease, or some elderly individuals).

How is this test given?

The examination is similar to the ankle- brachial index except that it is performed using a PPG sensor and a very small blood pressure cuff around the toe. While lying on your back, a tiny probe is placed over one or more of your toes on each foot and waveforms recordings will be displayed and blood pressure measurements taken. The measurements are called a TBI and when it is at 0.80 (80% of an ABI of 1.00) it is considered normal.

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