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Endarterectomy Surgical Procedures

Endarterectomy for PAD works best for narrow areas or complete blockages in the body that are in the pelvis (iliac arteries) or groin (femoral arteries) and are short in length. The surgeon actually opens the artery along its length and uses tools to peel away the diseased area of the artery. The surgeon will then close the artery with a patch to make the operated artery wider and less likely to narrow from scarring in the months following the surgery.

This procedure is almost always limited to just the groin area, because angioplasty and stenting are preferred treatment for the pelvis area. Since the surgeon must open the artery along its length, the incision (part of the leg cut open with the knife) must be fairly large to allow for this. This technique does not work very well for smaller arteries farther down the leg and is not often used in those areas.

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