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Clinical Trials

Welcome to the Clinical Trials Resource Center

A clinical trial is a scientific research study to evaluate new medications or treatments in human volunteers. The purpose of a clinical trial is to find out whether the treatment is safe and effective.

In an ongoing effort to provide the most current information about treatment and prognosis of vascular disease, we list important clinical trials that may lead to advances in the care of, and eventually the cure for, vascular disease. In addition to informing the public about advances in research, VDF hopes to contribute to those advances by assisting investigators and providing information to potential enrollees.

The Vascular Disease Foundation provides information about clinical trials as a public service, and does not specifically endorse any of the trials listed. Consumers should thoroughly read consent forms and consult with their physicians before enrolling in any trial.

Selecting Clinical Trials for our Web Site

VDF's Web site and newsletter are available to principal investigators, research sponsors, and other research consortia to provide information regarding scientifically useful studies to individuals with vascular disease (current patients, their family, and those at-risk). Criteria for studies added to the VDF listing include:

All studies that meet these criteria, as determined by the VDF Research Review Committee, are eligible to be listed but the Vascular Disease Foundation makes no claims that this list is all-inclusive. To submit information about a vascular disease clinical trial, please send us an


In addition, research sponsors can make a contribution to the Vascular Disease Foundation that will allow them to post more extensive information, often through a link to their own Web site. For more information, please send us e-mail.


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