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Disease Information : Carotid Artery Disease : Symptoms

Carotid Artery Disease : Symptoms

What are the symptoms of carotid artery disease?

As for all artery diseases, there are usually no advanced warning signs for early forms of carotid artery disease. For many individuals, the first obvious sign often is a TIA or mini-stroke. Symptoms for a stroke or TIA are similar and may include blurring, dimming, or loss of vision; tingling around the mouth, difficulty with speech, the inability to normally move an arm or leg, the inability to feel (numbness) in a part of the body, and rarely, a sudden severe headache. The difference between a stroke and a TIA is that the symptoms of a TIA are not permanent and can last from a few minutes to 24 hours. A TIA is a very powerful warning sign; although the symptoms may resolve completely, the occurrence of a TIA offers an individual who is at risk of a permanent stroke an extra opportunity to take action. However, a TIA should still be treated as a medical emergency. If you think you are experiencing a stroke or TIA, get medical attention immediately!