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Disease Information : Buerger's Disease : Symptoms

Buerger’s Disease : Symptoms

Symptoms of Buerger’s Disease

Symptoms of TAO are generally rest pain and skin ulcerations in the feet or hands. This is often referred to as critical limb ischemia (CLI). The pain may also be felt in the leg or foot when exercising. Pain may become steadily worse and eventually become more constant, occurring at night while lying in bed. Sores may develop on the hands and/or the feet.

Individuals may feel a coldness, numbness, or tingling in their feet and hands.  Some patients with TAO also have Raynaud’s phenomenon, or color changes in the hands in response to cold.  Some patients with TAO may also develop painful blood clots in the superficial veins of the legs known as “phlebitis.”

Most patients with TAO report symptoms in at least two extremities (arms or legs). In some patients, all four extremities may be involved.